Resilient communities in Cambodia adapting through sport

adidas and Common Goal team up for an environmental project in Cambodia  

In Cambodia, some communities live in underserved areas with makeshift shelters and inadequate drainage, and due to climate change, are facing recent floods that disrupt daily life, school, and work. There is then an increased risk of waterborne diseases and deteriorating hygiene conditions pose immediate dangers, especially impacting children, 49% of whom experience multidimensional poverty. 

ISF Cambodia continues to work on a multidisciplinary and environmentally focused project in Phnom Penh, with the support of Move For The Planet.   

Cambodia faces various climate challenges, including rising temperatures and unprecedented floods. Hence, ISF Cambodia aims to build resilience for disadvantaged communities by adapting sports spaces to be more accessible for all, including people with disabilities.  

Climate adapted infrastructure:    

The project focuses on two main components to further address environmental challenges in the target community in Phnom Penh.  

Regarding infrastructure, they will replace damaged shading nets, creating 800 shaded resting spaces around the pitch. Additionally, they plan to refurbish two toilets damaged by flooding and construct two new toilets designed to be accessible for people with disabilities.  

On the other hand, they will renovate the drainage system at their SMC Education Centre pitch and replace the pitch grass. This will involve using artificial grass of type CC 12 fibre, white grass, glue and glue pads, sand, nets, and crumb rubber. 

Sustainable management process:   

 The ISF Zero Plastic Policy which started with mftp 2023, will continue this year.  

Education on environmental sustainability through sports:    

The programme continues to advance sustainability education through football, placing a strong emphasis on environmental awareness. It will prioritize implementing activities centred around climate change and its effects on girls and women. 

Furthermore, the program will organize a tournament and festival aimed at educating female players on strategies for climate action through football.