Climate-resilient football pitches in California

adidas and Common Goal team up for an environmental project in the U.S.

Gardena and Hawthorne, in California, are two areas that have been affected by increased temperatures exacerbated by climate change. Their communities are first-hand witnesses of the ripple effects of such climate fluctuations in their daily lives.   

Especially vulnerable communities are the ones more affected by the effects of extreme weather in these two areas.  

The United States Soccer Foundation will work on a multidisciplinary and environmentally focused project in Gardena and Hawthorne with the support of Move For The Planet.    

The project will climate-adapt two mini-pitches to foster spaces protected from the severe impact of extreme weather in the region.  

Climate adapted infrastructure:  

The project focuses on the installation of environmentally friendly shade structures to ensure extended and safe use of mini-pitches during extreme heat events. These shade structures will promote safer and extended play times for youth and the broader community, reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses and providing a comfortable space for family members to supervise play activities.  

This space adaptation will be made of galvanized steel and will include LED lighting, benches, storage, ADA-accessible entry, and acrylic or sport tile surfacing.   

Education on environmental sustainability through sports:   

For a long-lasting change and positive impact beyond the lifespan of the project, the project brings up a programme which offers educational information about the mini-pitches’ sustainability features via QR Code.