Welcome to the movement

Players, managers, fans, and businesses – we can all play out part in advancing the UN Global Goals

Welcome to the movement

Players, managers, fans, and businesses – we can all play out part in advancing the UN Global Goals

Who can take part

Fans &

It’s your chance to be part of the team. Join Giorgio Chiellini, Alex Morgan, and other players in taking on some of the toughest opponents of our time.

& Managers

Use the game that has given you so much to empower others all around the world. As one global team, we can transform football and our world for the better.
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& Businesses

The game is now more lucrative than ever, but so little reaches those who shape the game at the grassroots level. Play a crucial role in creating impact through the game.
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why join the team



You make the pledge, we take care of the rest. We handle everything from sourcing and vetting projects to reporting on their impact.



Some charities are vastly more effective than others. We help you identify the best of the best from the world of football for good.



Our independent status makes us a truly credible voice in football. And we use this voice to raise awareness of the power of football for good.



By making the pledge, you are propelling a ripple effect that will shape the behaviour of your peers and, in time, the global footballing community.


Why the pledge model?

Pledge-based giving is fast becoming the most popular way to give back. By making a public pledge to Common Goal, you’re better able to: (1) hold yourself accountable to your intention to give back and (2) inspire those around you to follow in your footsteps. 

Why football?

In recent years, we have seen growing recognition of football’s capacity to drive social change. From refugee integration in Germany to gender equality in Kenya to peacebuilding in Colombia, the game has proved a versatile tool for doing good.  

This field of work, best known as ‘football for good’ has become central to the activities of hundreds of NGOs from all over the world. On the pitch, they promote tolerance, inclusion and respect—values directly transferable to life in general. Off the pitch, they leverage the universal passion for football to get their participants into social development programmes. And keep them there.  

By placing football at the heart of our projects, we not only allow you to give back - we allow you to do so through the game.

Why is Common Goal aligned with the UN Global Goals?

The Global Goals emerged from the most inclusive process in the history of the United Nations, involving 193 countries, hundreds of think tanks, thousands of non-profit organisations, millions of young people and many others from both the private and public sectors. They identify 17 universal goals for a more sustainable and equitable planet by 2030. 

By connecting Common Goal to the Global Goals, we ensure your donation helps tackle the greatest social challenges of our time.

Why 1%?

1% may seem like a small figure, yet it stands to make a big difference.

If the entire football community pledged just 1% of its collective income to a movement like Common Goal, we would generate a colossal 400% increase in funding for high-impact football NGOs the world over. This translates to an additional 8 million disadvantaged young people gaining access to football-based development projects each year.

By setting the minimum pledge percentage at just 1%, we also reduce financial barriers to entry and make the movement accessible and affordable for everyone.

How is my pledge amount calculated?

Your pledge is calculated based on your annual salary if you are an individual or net revenues if you are a business.  

Private individual example: if you earned an annual (pre tax) salary EUR 50,000 in 2017 and pledged 1% to Common Goal, you would donate EUR 500 to Common Goal in 2018. 

Business example: If your company generated net revenues of EUR 2 million in 2017 and pledged 1% to Common Goal, you would donate EUR 20,000 to Common Goal in 2018.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Where possible, pledge donations to Common Goal are facilitated through partner foundations that are part of the Transnational Giving Europe network. This allows our members to donate to Common Goal while still obtaining the tax advantages provided for in the legislation of their country of residence.

As it stands, income tax deductible pledge donations are possible from the following countries: 

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada and the United States.

Our team is currently working on establishing partnerships with community foundations in Latin America, Asia and Australia. For these regions we expect to be able to offer tax deductible donations shortly.

How can I be sure my donation is given to credible organisations?

As it stands, all organisations supported through Common Goal are part of the streetfootballworld network. streetfootballworld continually assesses NGOs from the field of football for good and grants network membership to the best in class. Membership in the streetfootballworld network is free, although non-member organisations can also receive support from Common Goal provided they meet the same quality criteria. You can view the full eligibility criteria and quality standards here

Is my pledge legally binding?

No. The pledge is based on a gentleman’s agreement between you and Common Goal. While we expect you to honour our agreement, there is no legal obligation for you to do so. You’re free to walk away at any time. No questions asked.

Can I change my pledge percentage?

Yes. You’re welcome to change your pledge percentage at any time, provided it doesn’t fall below 1%.

Can I select the football NGOs that receive my donation?

Yes. After making the pledge, you have two options for the allocation of your pledge donation:

(1) Support individual organisations from our portfolio of high-impact football NGOs. 

(2) Support larger-scale projects benefitting multiple football for good organisations at once.

How much of my donation ends up at the organisation?

90% of your donations will go directly to the cause (the projects you select as beneficiaries of your pledge). The remainder is used to cover operating expenses related to: (1) enabling tax-effective cross-border donations (performed by our partner Transnational Giving Europe) and (2) sourcing, vetting and evaluating football-based NGOs (performed by streetfootballworld). 

Can I support Common Goal through my existing foundation?

Yes, absolutely. You’re entitled to Common Goal membership if your pledge comes via your foundation.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership with Common Goal becomes official once we receive your first annual donation and will remain active for as long as you continue to honour the pledge. If you decide Common Goal isn’t for you, you’re welcome to walk away at any stage along the journey.

Who is behind Common Goal?

Common Goal is the creation of streetfootballworld, the international leader in football for good. Over the past 15 years, streetfootballworld has created and developed a global network of more than 120 community organisations that use football as a tool to tackle social issues ranging from gender equality in India to peacebuilding in Colombia to refugee integration in Germany.

streetfootballworld supports Common Goal’s members by vetting NGOs from the field of football for good and recommending the best beneficiaries for their donations.

More questions?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Common Goal, then please get in touch with us - we love to hear from you!