A sustainable future through sport in Vietnam

adidas and Common Goal team up for an environmental project in Vietnam 

Vietnam is one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change, with children, girls and women particularly at risk. Extreme weather events, including excess water, have affected the community’s access to food, water, education and healthcare, increasing the community’s income and exposure to violence. 

Football for All Vietnam will work on a multidisciplinary and environmentally focused project in Quang Tri, Vietnam, with the support of Move For The Planet.  

The project has a two-phase plan that will guarantee communities have a much safer and better playground for sports activities and will raise environmental awareness by providing girls and boys with the tools and opportunities they need to tackle climate change matters through play-based methods in schools.   

Climate-adapted infrastructure in schools: 

The project focuses on the climate adaptation of football pitches in two schools in Quang Tri. This potentially plays a role in creating a safe space for the communities that are close to the schools as it will provide the space for football activities and physical education activities both during and after school hours.      

The pitches will count with a reparation of the drainage system and water ditches as well as the construction of embankments to mitigate the excess of water effectively. This also includes the planting of trees around the pitches to enhance climate resilience and the construction of roofs on the seating areas to provide shelter during adverse weather conditions. 

Education on environmental sustainability through sport: 

For a long-lasting change and positive impact beyond the lifespan of the project, the programme will train teachers in schools with the appropriate tools to improve the quality of climate change education and raise climate literacy among children in schools.     

There will be regular Fun Football Festivals integrating climate change messages through outdoor play-based activities for 4,800 direct participants, fostering experiential learning that will lead to changes in terms of awareness raising and positive behaviours in an environment-friendly way in the project areas.