Goals for Zero Plastic 2.0

adidas and Common Goal team up for an environmental project in Greece  

Climate change affects refugees in drought and flood-affected areas. Refugee camps in Greece face overcrowding and inefficient waste management, with low plastic recycling rates. Environmental issues like plastic pollution, limited green spaces, and inadequate sports facilities affect the residents’ living conditions, causing soil contamination, landscape littering, public health concerns, and biodiversity loss. 

Organization Earth Kalan will work on a multidisciplinary and environmentally focused project in the Schisto Refugee camp, on the outskirts of Athens, with the support of Move For The Planet.   

This project is a continuation of the Move For The Planet 2023 project, at Schisto Refugee Camp near Athens, a region grappling with rising temperatures.  

Climate adapted infrastructure:  

The project focuses on upscaling the existing sustainable football pitch with the installation of solar headlamps for energy-efficient illumination and the construction of a kiosk made from recycled plastic. With green facades adjacent to the pitch, creating a new sustainable community space and making the pitch usage accessible during the warmest months, increases the safety and prevents heat-related medical issues.   

The project also encompasses the continuation of the sustainable management process, introducing the 'Plastic Reduction and Reusing Policy 2.0'.  

This policy aims to replace single-use plastic items with sustainable alternatives, provide training to facilitators and participants on plastic waste reduction, and maintain the momentum of the first project year.     

Education on environmental sustainability through sports:    

The programme keeps educating on sustainability through experiential sports-based learning. This takes centre stage as it launches 48 educational activities to foster key values for environmental consciousness. 85 participants will utilize sports as a methodological approach to promote environmental awareness, emphasizing values such as teamwork, respect, and equality.  

The sports sessions will have an emphasis on gender inclusivity, ensuring female participation exceeds 50% in activities, complemented by specialised training sessions aimed at plastic waste reduction for a range of stakeholders, from sports educators to NGO staff.