Building resilient communities in Tasajera

adidas and Common Goal team up for an environmental project in Colombia

The community of Ciénaga Grande, including Tasajera, is grappling with environmental challenges, from seasonal flooding and drought to temperatures soaring up to 33°C. Puebloviejo (Tasajera) suffers from inadequate access to drinking water, a lack of sewage infrastructure, and only 70% electricity coverage, rendering it one of Colombia's most impoverished municipalities.  

Traditional fishermen encounter obstacles due to environmental issues such as waste accumulation and overexploitation of marshes, affecting food security and the health of children in the region.   

Futbol con Corazón (FCC) will work on a multidisciplinary and environmentally focused project in Tasajera, Magdalena with the support of Move For The Planet.   

Tasajera also has limited and poorly maintained sporting facilities in the area, which are greatly affected by extreme weather conditions. In this regard, the project aims to introduce a climate-adapted pitch where locals will have the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities regardless of climate adversities.   

Climate adapted infrastructure:    

The project will renovate ‘El Campo’ pitch to make it suitable to face extreme weather situations like high temperatures and excess water. This will be done by utilizing recycled solid waste for sustainable construction materials, along with the installation of solar-powered street lighting, sustainable drainage systems, and native tree planting for beautification and climate mitigation.  

The aim is to improve the pitch’s functionality and sustainability by planting tree species for shading and temperature reduction, installing solar panel lighting for nighttime use, and implementing drains connected to planters to mitigate flooding during rainy seasons.   

Sustainable management process:    

FCC wants to empower Tasajera fishermen by identifying five environmental leaders and offering them training in sustainable entrepreneurship, that could later be replicated for 50 other fishermen.    

Education on environmental sustainability through sports:    

An integral part of the project involves environmental education initiatives targeting various demographics within the community, including children, youth, families, and fishermen.

These efforts aim to raise awareness about waste management, water conservation, and climate change mitigation, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship.   

The project’s education component proposes to implement Integrated Education sessions and conduct socio-emotional football events. There are 15 sports classes for children and young people to develop socio-emotional skills and raise awareness about environmental issues, engaging children, youth, families, and the community while utilising the newly remodelled pitch.