October Highlights

Shifting seasons, consistent drive to do good

As the seasons change again, throughout October people in the Common Goal movement have consistently made a difference throughout the world.

In October we heard stories about tackling mental health stigma in football and learned how the game is creating opportunities and advancing gender equality.

Soso from Hout Bay United Football Community in South Africa also shared how his team shows up for their community. Common Goal teamed up with the German Football Ambassador and the movement welcomed freestyler Dj Diveny. 


The German Ambassador and Common Goal Team Up



Roland Bischof, the president of The German Football Ambassador, announced that Common Goal will become the non-profit’s expert partner during a joint panel discussion with former German national team player Torsten Frings at the Spielmacher Conference in Cologne.

As the German Football Ambassador’s expert partner, Common Goal will support the social and ecological commitments of the nonprofit and provide holistic support going forward.

“Common Goal combines great expertise in the field of social engagement with a collective effort to harness the power of football for positive social and economic change,” said Roland.

“These qualities make Common Goal the ideal partner for the German Football Ambassador.”

Full Article here. 


Breaking Barriers: Sharon's Story

This story follows Sharon, a football fan that was told that playing football was only for men. Sharon was not disgruntled by these stigmas and eventually found herself being part of Watoto Wasoka - a football for good organisation in Uganda. 

As a Watoto Wasoka coach, she aims to make football a more inclusive space for young girls, and helps run workshops such as menstrual health management. 

“Coaching is giving me the opportunity to put something on within the community and help young girls access opportunities like education, and improving their health. I feel being a coach can help me be that role model within the community,” said Sharon.

To learn more about Sharon’s moving story you can find the full article here.

This story is part of adidas and Common Goal's impact partnership. Until 2023, adidas will pledge 1% of global new football sales to Common Goal.

Tackling Mental Health Stigma


Josh Clark, from Bloomsbury Football, opens up on his mental health journey in football. From struggling in academy football, he now aims to use a holistic coaching approach to help eliminate negative mental health pressures. 

“I’m not just coaching players as purely footballers, but I’m coaching them as human beings,” said Josh.

“I always preach that, ‘I’m your football coach, but I’m also someone that you can talk to about whatever you need to talk about,’” 

Josh realises that talking about mental health in football may not be the norm, but at Bloomsbury Football he is aiming to help pave the way for a better future. 

“Last season they weren’t doing that. But now, it could be such a minor mistake, maybe they’ve missed the ball," continued Josh.

"Now my players clap their hands and encourage them. The positivity is amazing, it really does make a difference.”

Full Article here. 

Playing for the Community

Follow Soso’s exciting story on being part of the Cape Town-based team, Hout Bay United Football Community. He documents how Hout Bay is a team that aspires to do much more than simply play football, they aim to aid the community in any shape or form such as by delivering food to people that lost their Jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“If we eat, everybody eats. That’s the way it is – we look after each other,” said Soso.

“Seeing smiles on people's faces made us grateful for what we were doing and to be in the position to contribute to our home.”

Full Article here.