Giorgio Chiellini

Member Since 2017

The story of Giorgio Chiellini joining the movement is one that has slowly etched itself into Common Goal folklore.

The Juventus legend had seen the movement launched in 2017 and sent an email to the info@ address introducing himself – which the Common Goal team thought must be a hoax.

"This is about all of us footballers giving back as a team. Individually, our pledges might not change the world but together we can make a real difference"
Giorgio Chiellini

His email read:

Hello. I’m Giorgio Chiellini, player of Juventus.

I’m interested to support your program and I would like to give my congratulations to Juan Mata for finding the time and having the idea to support through football people less lucky than us.

I’m not interested in advertising; I only want to support a brilliant project.

Sorry for my English. I try to make the best as possible!

I wait for your answer about complete the registration. Bye, Giorgio.

Luckily the Common Goal team followed up and arranged a Skype meeting and were delighted to find Giorgio on the other end of the call.

Giorgio has amassed more than 100 caps for Italy – an incredible feat in itself – but has also managed to find balance off the pitch, completing a degree in Economics and Commerce in 2010.