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Real Murcia Manager Adrián Hernández Joins Common Goal

The Spanish manager makes the 1% pledge to tackle gender-based inequalities through football

Real Murcia head coach Adrían Hernández has today announced his decision to team up with the Common Goal team not long after the commencement of his second season in charge at the historic Segunda División B club.

The manager, who hails from Murcia, had a unique entry into the world of football management, with no professional playing experience under his belt as a player he initially balanced his time between teaching classes at a high school and managing Tercera Divisíon side EDMF Churra.

Now the head coach at a club widely considered a sleeping giant in Spain, Hernandez wants to utilise his prominent position as a force for good in wider society.

His 1% pledge goes towards Global Goal 5 Accelerator, a Common Goal collective project to advance the efforts of grassroots organisations toward gender equality.

Upon announcing his arrival at football’s growing social impact collective, Hernandez discussed his reasons for doing so and his outlook on football’s potential to create a tangible positive social impact.

Why have you decided to join Common Goal?

I have decided to join Common Goal because I believe that it addresses several social issues.

Firstly, it addresses the inequalities that exist between countries. Secondly, it addresses the inequalities that can exist between both sexes and thirdly, it addresses many burning issues within society that can sometimes lead to societal disturbances and controversies.

This movement can lead to discussions regarding the culture of the 21st century, therefore, my reasoning is multi-fold.

With your 1% commitment, what social cause do you want to support and why?

I am trying to support the possibility that women can develop in a sport when provided with the same conditions as men and to encourage them to do so in the face of the economic difficulties of the region, in this case, Africa.

With your support, what do you hope to accomplish with that contribution?

Football is called the king of sport.

It is one of the most important industries with the highest global audience. It is a mirror of which millions of children look at themselves and learn from. We must be an example, for all levels of society, from all walks of life.

Football, and those within it, must be exemplars for the young people who are our future.

In Spain, and around the world, why do you think Football is a powerful tool to help drive social change?

Football is evolving to become exemplary. Previously there was another view of the sport for society. But today we must use it as a tool, not only at the level of physical education but also to instil values in each other and in our respective cultures.

By joining Common Goal, you are adding a new piece of history to a club with a great tradition. Is this an example of how football is evolving?

Of course. Football must evolve towards a climate of values and social actions where human equality and education is acknowledged and valued.

What do you wish to achieve both as a coach and a person?

I would like to bring Real Murcia back to professional football and in a few years’ time, even taste the sweet joys of playing Europe.

For me this is is very important because it is the team of my city, my region, of where I was born and raised and where I have grown up as a person. That person strives to continue improving as much as possible in all my deficits and instilling all the values Murcia has given me on to my children.

At this stage of your career, why did you feel it was your responsibility to give something back now?

Once I got to know the project I decided to support it as much as I could, for the causes that I consider necessary.

What would you say to other coaches/players who are thinking about joining Common Goal?

I would encourage them because the cause is worthwhile. Each according to their possibilities can help many causes and projects that need us.