Real Madrid vs. Juventus

In football, we often play to win. But last Saturday’s match took on a bigger purpose.

On 30th July, Juventus and Real Madrid played at the Rose Bowl Stadium in front of nearly 94,000 fans.

Both teams played with the same artwork embedded into their jersey numbers to represent their shared belief.

The design represents and promotes a common goal for football — making the game an inclusive, equitable, and safe space for all.

The original artwork used in the jersey numbers was created by Yash Pradhan and Amplifier Art to support Common Goal’s Play Proud initiative through a line of Augmented Reality (AR) activated merchandise. Through scanning the original artwork on a phone, a world of educational tools to help prevent, respond, and repair issues of homophobia opens up, enabling fans to directly get involved in making football a safe space for everyone.   

As part of Saturday's activation, both clubs donated a signed jersey to Common Goal who organised a giveaway that gives fans the chance to own a signed replica of Pogba and Benzema’s match-day jerseys.

To enter the giveaway, donate a minimum of $50 by 5th August, Los Angeles time. Multiple entries are allowed, however, only separate $50 donations will count towards the giveaway. Donations will go to Play Proud to help create a more inclusive game.

Play Proud is football’s leading LGBTQ+ inclusion initiative. This year the initiative is bringing together eight professional football clubs from Canada, the US, and Mexico, members of each fan group, and a local grassroots football for good organisation from each team’s city together. The cohort has committed to 100+ hours of in-person training to help eradicate homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia on and off the pitch ahead of the joint 2026 World Cup.

Saturday’s match really brought Common Goal’s purpose to life: uniting the world of football to tackle the biggest challenges of our time.

This activation saw two of the biggest football clubs, Real Madrid and Juventus, world sports brand leader adidas, retail brand leader Avery Dennison, design lab Amplifier, artist Yash Pradhan, and all those involved in making Play Proud possible come together.

Everyone is working towards the same goal — making the game a safe and inclusive space for all.

In moments like these, one really understands that Common Goal is a movement that can belong to every stakeholder in football.