Vero Boquete

Member Since 2017

Vero Boquete is a firm believer in the power of football to carry messages of social change and, as such, pledged her 1% to Common Goal back in October 2017.

Vero is Spain’s all-time leading goalscorer, has claimed a Champions League title, won domestic titles in multiple countries, and captained her team at the World Cup in 2015.

At the end of 2018 her accomplishments were recognized by her home city of Santiago de Compostela with the city’s main stadium being renamed the Estadio Vero Boquete de San Lázaro.

"To know that girls, are watching me, following me and want to be like me makes me want to fight for our rights"
Vero Boquete

For Vero her position at the top of the game is important primarily because it gives girls in Spain a role model to look up to – something she didn’t have growing up.

“My first role model in football was Marta and she’s not much older than me.”

Vero has long been an advocate for promoting gender equality through football and in 2013 led a petition for the inclusion of female footballers in the FIFA computer game series.

She wants to continue leading the way and carrying the torch for a future generation of young female footballers.

"To know that people, girls, are watching me, following me and want to be like me, that makes me work harder, makes me more ambitious and makes me want to fight for our rights and better conditions.”

As part of her Common Goal membership, Vero wanted to experience first-hand how football is changing lives around the world and chose to visit football4good organization FUDELA in Ecuador.