Daniel Didavi

Member Since 2017

Midfielder Daniel Didavi became the seventh Bundesliga representative to sign up to the Common Goal movement at the end of November 2017.

At the age of 21, he was told he might never be able to play football again after a series of devastating injuries. He now serves as a role model, breaking free from the impossible and challenging the status quo in the world of football.

During the recovery from his injuries, his father took him on a trip to his native Benin. Over the course of this trip, Daniel began to see his life and his football career in a new light and it greatly changed his outlook on the game.

"As professional footballers, we are in an incredibly privileged position to earn a tremendous amount of money, playing the game we love. I think it's our responsibility to give back to society"
Daniel Didavi

By seeing people survive and still feel happiness despite abject poverty, Daniel felt obliged to give back to the game.

“The ideal scenario would be that at some point every professional footballer would donate one percent of their salary,” he said.

"The world won’t suddenly become perfect because of us, but if we can help every child that we can help, it’s worth it for me."