Dennis Aogo

Member Since 2017

For Dennis Aogo joining Common Goal was about more than pledging 1% to the movement – he was also determined to see and understand the work that is being done in the field to improve lives through football.

Dennis signed up to the movement in October 2017 and was inspired by the collective approach to change.

"I’ve been looking for a way to feel purposeful and effective for some time now – and Common Goal meets all of these criteria. Above all, the collective approach is what inspires me"
Dennis Aogo

But it was in 2019 that the movement really hit home for him when the defender chose to visit KICKFAIR to see first-hand the work they are doing with young people all over Germany.

“Moments like these are exactly why I decided to join Common Goal. Seeing what impact sports and, in this case football, can have in the development of a young person is simply great,” he said.