Adama Traoré

Member Since 2022

For one of the fastest players in the Premier League and Spanish national team, it was a quick and easy decision to take the 1% pledge.

Top on Adama Traoré's to-do list in 2022 was addressing Global Goal 10 — “Reduced Inequalities.” With this driving force, he joined the movement to support the Anti-Racist Project and tackle racial injustice.

"All too often in football the headlines are stolen by racist actions. In the last two or three years alone, I have lost count of how many times my fellow professionals have been subjected to racist abuse," he said.

"Despite the headlines, despite the punishments, and despite the outcry, nothing changes and we end up waiting for the next incident to come around.

"It is so disheartening to see this cycle continue…

"But it doesn’t have to be this way, because as a global community we can collectively force change.

"You might not think your 1% matters, but I’m telling you it does. When we all come together to tackle a common goal, nothing can stand in our way"
Adama Traoré

"If I’ve learned anything in my career, it’s that leading with action instead of empty talk is what really counts in making a difference, on or off the field.

"That’s why I’m joining Common Goal and am trying to use my platform to tackle racism through the Common Goal anti-racist project.

"Honestly, I wish I lived in a world where my pledge wasn’t needed to fight racism. I wish it could be used for another impact area because racism was no longer an issue plaguing our society.

"Unfortunately, that is not the case, which is why it’s important for me this year to use my platform and be a part of the solution."