A resilient and safe space for education

adidas and Common Goal have joined forces to develop sports facilities and education programmes in the Philippines 

As part of adidas and Common Goal’s move for the planet global activation, Common Goal community organisation FundLife International is creating a new climate-resistant space to connect, play safely, and access vital educational resources.  

In the Philippines, the lack of safe spaces means that FundLife is currently limited in delivering its play-based educational programmes which support young people in escaping poverty and remaining in education.  

Through the programme, the organisation will create a futsal pitch which includes a multi-purpose and multi-sport playing area for young people with an adjacent leaning area for non-play activities.  

The project revolves around three core actions.

Turning recycled materials into sports infrastructure:

The project triggers the construction of two spaces to be known as Football For Life; Dream Generation Academy (F4L; DGA). The first one includes a multi-purpose and multi-sport safe playing area for young people, which will have an extension of 400m².  

The second, very close to the play space, will be a learning and education area that will be separated into smart classrooms, a reading and quiet study area, and an open space for facilitation activities. It will be a 200m² space.

Eco-bricks made from recycled plastics will be used during the construction.

Sustainable management process:

The project will seek to create an eco-hub facility offering community members a financial incentive to collect, segregate and recycle plastics.

Education on environmental sustainability and sports:  

The new sports facility will be activated with the education programme ‘FundLife Leadership Academy Recycle, Reuse, Repeat (FLA - RRR)’ which focuses on reducing single-use plastic, increasing responsible recycling and segregation and repeating the messages to other community members.