American Outlaws join the movement

The United States national teams' supporter's group becomes the largest fan group to take the pledge to date

The American Outlaws invite fans to rethink what being a football fan means.

At every US national team game, whether it be a women's, men's, or youth match, you can find ardent supporters cheering their red, white, and blue team on. Regardless if it's a home game or across the world, the American Outlaws are dedicated to showing up for their side.

Central to their DNA, the American Outlaws believe showing up for your community every day is just as important as showing up for your team on match day.

The group, made up of 25,000 members from over 200 communities across the US, is pledging 1% of their membership dues to help support the Anti-Racist Project, Play Proud, and football for good organisations across the country. 

"American Outlaws wants to pledge to invest enough in programmes in every community we are a part of, so that no kid feels left out or can't get an opportunity to play and strive in the sport that they love," Justin Brunken, the group's Co-founder explained.

"Being part of the Common Goal movement can help us achieve this."

The American Outlaws has a long history of working with Common Goal organisations and collective projects. Through their pledge, they seek to strengthen those relationships, increase impact, and enable fans to volunteer in their community to help shape the game and society for good. 

"Being a part of the community is about more than just being a fan, it's making sure we can help the community have access to the game they love, so that one day, anyone can have the opportunity to be on the field where we can jump and cheer for them," Brunken said. 

"The start is for us to pledge as an organisation, but hope is that our members, partners and others don't stop there."