adidas Joins the Common Goal Movement

adidas pledges 1% of global net sales from footballs to Common Goal from now until 2023 to drive lasting change for underserved communities

To create a better and more inclusive future for all, adidas is joining Common Goal in a long-term partnership to help drive lasting social change for underserved communities.

Based on a shared ambition to maximise football’s contribution towards a more equitable and inclusive world, adidas has pledged 1% of its global net sales from footballs to Common Goal until 2023 to drive change for global community football.

The brand’s commitment to join the movement and the partnership to follow is one built on shared values; using sport to improve the lives of young people around the world.

Over the next three years, this collaboration aims to positively impact 90,000 lives and make the game more inclusive for all.

The announcement arrives as the latest chapter of the adidas’ UEFA EURO 2020TM campaign, inspiring fans and movement of people to see - and push towards - a more positive and inclusive world through sport.

“I’ve been a part of the adidas family for many years and with Common Goal from the very beginning, so this collaboration is very special,” said Manchester United player and adidas athlete, Juan Mata who co-founded Common Goal in 2017.

“This partnership will help us to use football as a force for good and come together to try and tackle social issues as one. This is really only the start.

“For me, team play is the most important thing and through solidarity, empathy and effort, I believe that anyone can reach their goals.

“Our ambition is to make Common Goal the biggest football club in the world, where everyone is welcome.”

Common Goal will also work with the adidas Football Collective, the brand’s purpose platform in football.

Whereby together they will use the game to support and grow football communities around the world and accelerate – and measure – a promise to fight racism and discrimination, power gender equality, foster mental well-being and promote LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Over the next three years, Common Goal and adidas will work together to support grassroots community organisations across the globe, via the Common Goal network of 140 high-impact football NGOs in 90 countries.

The aim to directly impact 90,000 lives will take place through a series of collective projects and strategic focuses concentrated on removing inequality, improving access, and working towards greater gender parity. These projects include:

● Global Goal 5 Accelerator - creating a world where every girl has the opportunity to develop her full potential.
● Anti-Racist Project - to end racism in football on the field, on the side-lines, in the front office and across our communities.
● Play Proud - making grassroots football organisations, programmes, and communities around the world inclusive for LGBTQ+ communities.
● Playing for Peace - empowering young people to shape their communities and play a key role in creating peaceful and inclusive societies.

“At adidas, we are committed to creating change through football,” said Gonzalo Calvo, Director for Communities and Culture at adidas.

“We cannot do this alone, however, and therefore look to individuals and organisations with a shared commitment to action, such as Common Goal.

“This is a team effort, and it was important to announce this partnership and our ambitions for it during the most collaborative and inclusive football tournament in European history. This is just the start.”

adidas has also committed to supporting Common Goal in its storytelling, helping bring to life the social impact of the partnership that will support the movement’s greater ambition to positively change 100 million young lives by 2030, amplifying its work through the brand’s global footprint.

“This partnership with adidas represents a shift in the football industry,” added Jürgen Griesbeck, CEO and co-founder of Common Goal.

“Social impact has moved to a high priority for football stakeholders. adidas has shown its leadership in investing in Common Goal and together we can scale and accelerate football’s contribution towards the Global Goals.

We believe that anything is possible if we work together as one team.”

To join adidas and Common Goal at the starting line, fans can purchase a football at for their 1% to be contributed toward social change causes.

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