Save our Future

Creating sports infrastructure and environmental education for young people are central to adidas and Common Goal’s project in Pakistan 

As part of adidas and Common Goal’s move for the planet global activation, football for good organisation Sudhaar Society in Pakistan is developing a project that will allow young people in the community to play an active role in addressing climate change at the local level.

Sudhaar Society operates in rural areas of Sialkot Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, where the public-school system often has inadequate facilities, high gender discrimination as well as growing environmental and climate issues - thus limiting the positive development of young generations. 

The ‘Save our Future’ project will look to address these issues with infrastructural changes as well as education and awareness.  

“I am so excited while signing the project agreement and want to express my gratitude that Sudhaar Society Pakistan is going to implement a unique project,” said Rana Nadeem Iqbal, CEO of the organisation. 

The project has three core actions. 

Turning recycled materials into sports infrastructure: 

The project will be implementing the development of a new sports facility using recycled plastic, including the construction of a football pitch, spectator stands and changing rooms. The facility will provide access to 3,000 participants monthly and aims to use an estimated 50% recycled material, including eco-building blocks made with recycled plastic waste. 

Sustainable management process: 

To support the development of a sustainable business model to collect plastic, the programme will set up two dry waste collection centres. 

Education on environmental sustainability and sports: 

The project will empower young people in the communities to tackle climate action through education. The potentially trained young people will launch awareness campaigns and establish waste collection centres for proper disposal and recycling. 

“We are expecting that this project will produce remarkable results not only at the community level but even at the national and international level while sharing its best practices as an impact study with key stakeholders,” said Rana.