Move For The Planet

adidas and Common Goal team up to support sustainable sports-based projects

adidas has partnered with Common Goal to support projects that educate and engage communities on sustainability through sport.

From Colombia to Greece to South Africa and Israel, adidas and Common Goal have selected projects around the globe with this one common mission. Whether it’s renewing a community’s sports pitch using recycled material or providing training on how to reduce plastic waste, the collective movement means collective change.

adidas has pledged to donate the money raised through its move for the planet global activation to Common Goal in order to support projects around the globe that educate and engage communities on sustainability through sport.

The projects span nine countries, and have been selected to focus on some of the places most impacted by the effects of climate change within remote rainforest to urban city environments. Each project has a unique programme that is specific to their communities needs and target groups (women & girls, socio-economically disadvantaged populations, racial and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+), aiming at three major impacts

  • Education on environmental sustainability and sports

  • Sustainable management processes with the goal to reduce or end the use of plastic

  • Turning recycled materials into sports infrastructure.

Projects will be implemented by local sport for good organisations, members of the Common Goal movement, fully anchored in their communities and striving to drive positive impacts. Their field expertise enable to design and launch tailored projects meeting the local challenges of the people and answering the relevant local environment issues. All together, we seek to turn collective action into collective change.

Beyond funding, an opportunity to gain expertise for each organisation and work together

Each one of the selected grantee organisations is invited to join monthly meetings, alternating between training sessions around environmental sustainability and check-in sessions delivered by our expert partner. This set up offers great empowerment opportunities to the organisations to leverage their expertise and the impact of their actions. Beyond the educational piece, this space provides also a great opportunity for each participant to meet their peers, share their challenges, ideas and solutions. Through this teamwork it’s the game of every organisation that we elevate.

We move together

move for the planet is a global activation that will harness the collective activity of sporting communities across the world.  

adidas is encouraging people to turn activity into action as the pledge to donate €1 to Common Goal for every 10 minutes of activity logged across 34 sports in the adidas Running app between 1 June - 12 June –up to €1.5m. The contributions will support projects around the globe (as mentioned above) that educate and engage communities on sustainability through sport.  

Learn more here or join the movement on the adidas running app between June 1-12 and stand up to the environmental changes that hold us back from doing what we love.