Hyundai and Common Goal Team Up

Hyundai joins the Common Goal movement to support a climate action plan for football 

Hyundai Motor is pledging 1% of this year’s FIFA World Cup sponsorship fee to Common Goal to accelerate football’s climate action impact.

This partnership enables Common Goal to kick-off its climate action agenda in 2022 and develop an impact plan in collaboration with organisations, players, brands, and other stakeholders in football. 

“By teaming up with Common Goal, we can make progress for the greater good,” said Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor Company.

“Hyundai Motor’s goals on sustainability are not limited to environmental issues. We are committed to doing the right thing for society, reaching a greater goal, and engaging our community.”

Hyundai Motor launched their first dedicated sustainability campaign under the banner ‘Goal of the Century’ in April on the road to FIFA World Cup 2022 TM. To drive the campaign, the company also introduced ‘Team Century,’ a newly formed group of ambassadors, including footballers such as former England national team player Steven Gerrard, as well as Nadia Nadim, who will promote environmental and social sustainability projects.

Hyundai is a brand that is placing sustainability at their core and building a long-term strategy towards zero emissions. We are excited to kick-off this partnership and look forward growing it in the years to come. And we invite everyone in football to join us in support of a more sustainable future for all,” said Jürgen Griesbeck, CEO and Co-Founder of Common Goal.

As Common Goal approaches its fifth anniversary in August 2022, the movement has grown to include a number of organisations like Spirit of Football, Pledgeball, and Football for Future, as well as individuals such as Sofie Junge Pedersen and Tessel Middag, brands and clubs who are already working at the intersection of football and climate action or exploring ways to contribute. 

Common Goal will build upon the work and initiatives that are already taking place in football through creating a coalition, connecting existing projects, and developing an impact framework that enables everyone in football to be part of the solution.

The movement is currently approaching its climate action plan for football from three different angles. First, Common Goal seeks to support all stakeholders in reducing their footprint. Secondly, using football as a tool to inspire a shift in mind-set. And third, looking into the intersection of sustainability and equity, Common Goal aims to explore the role of football grassroots to educate and empower young people in underserved communities – where the effects of climate action are stronger, to respond, mitigate, and adapt to climate change and become active community leaders. 

Whether you are a brand, a footballer, a club, or a football fan, Common Goal believes you can play a meaningful role in driving climate action forward, reducing your impact on the planet, and inspiring others to act.