Common Goal partners with WeAre8

The platform giving football fans the chance to contribute to the movement

Common Goal teams up with WeAre8, offering a new opportunity for football fans to be part of the movement.  

With more than three billion fans, football is the largest social phenomenon on the planet. No other sport boasts such wealth, reach, or cultural significance.  

Common Goal exists to unite the football community to tackle the world’s biggest challenges of our time. In order to do so, Common Goal believes in the power of collective action.To create massive change, athletes, businesses, clubs and other stakeholders in the football industry pledge a small 1% of their salaries towards high-impact organisations that are using football to advance the global goals. 

As a result, a new generation of football fans has risen; inspired by the athletes they follow, that also want to be a part of the movement. More and more, the question that arises among Common Goal fans is: how can I be part of the movement?

Common Goal’s new partnership with WeAre8 seeks to enable millions to be part of the movement.

WeAre8 provides a platform that unites people and brands to take small actions every day to help solve the world’s biggest problems of our times. Through the app, users can choose to watch brand ads and get paid for their time. “With each ad you watch, you decide what to do with the money in your 8Wallet. You can directly pay your mobile bill, pay your PayPal account, or pay it forward to charities. 54% of people are already paying their earnings to charities,” says WeAre8.

WeAre8 believes: “when brands value people, respect us and the things we care about, we can change the world together and have fun doing it.”

Mirroring the Common Goal model – where members pledge 1% of their earnings – the partnership between Common Goal and WeAre8 will inspire millions of football fans to donate 1% of their app income to Common Goal, providing a new framework for the wider community to support the football for good movement.

“Teaming up with WeAre8 means that we can offer football fans a new opportunity to be part of the movement,” notes Common Goal Founder and CEO Jürgen Griesbeck.

CEO and Founder of WeAre8, Sue Fennessy, commented: “the power of football, and how it inspires people and brands all around the world, is pure magic. Our technology both unites and economically empowers people in a transformative way driving real change.”

 “WeAre8 and Common Goal’s joint commitment for gender equality, peace, education, health and economic welfare means that footballers can work directly and collaboratively with their fans to elevate the fight against society’s most urgent issues.”

WeAre8 calculates: “by year-end, users will be earning approximately £100 per year using the app. If 8 million people were to sign up, there is the potential for £8 million to be donated via the partnership to Common Goal. By tapping into such a large fan base, WeAre8 empowers users in the UK to contribute to the Common Goal movement proactively.”

Sign up WeAre8 here.