A team like no other

Top footballers unite to create equal opportunities for the next generation ahead of the Women’s World Cup 2023 and inspire others to take action

On International Women’s Day, 11 players and a coach are crossing club, league, and national team lines to create equal opportunities for the next generation and advance gender equity by pledging 1% to Football For Her. 

By teaming up this way, the coalition has sent out a powerful call to action to other players, coaches, and football stakeholders to take action and work together to ensure that the 2023 Women’s World Cup creates an unrivalled social legacy.

The team includes: 

  • Alana Cook – OL Reign, USA 
  • Ali Riley – Angel City FC, New Zealand  
  • Caitlin Foord – Arsenal FC, Australia  
  • Dani Weatherholt – Angel City FC, USA
  • Hanna Glas – Kansas City Current, Sweden  
  • Janelly Farias – C.F. Pachuca, Mexico  
  • Jess Fishlock – OL Reign, Wales  
  • Kim Little – Arsenal FC, Scotland  
  • Lauren Barnes – OL Reign, USA
  • Naomi Girma – San Diego Wave, USA 
  • Tierna Davidson – Chicago Red Stars, USA  
  • Beverly Yanez – assistant coach at Racing Louisville FC

The team’s pledge will go to Football For Her, a Common Goal community member based in Los Angeles and founded by former professional player Shawna Gordon. Football for Her engages and empowers girls and non-binary players, regardless of economic standing, through in-person and virtual programming, as well as by providing safer and more inclusive spaces to play to inspire the next generation to dream bigger, reach higher, and have the confidence to get there.

“We believe that action is needed to make sure that girls and young women have the same access to fulfilling their potential on and off the field of play," said Lauren Barnes.  

“At the same time, we need more diverse leadership in football and by taking collective action we aim to encourage others to collaborate and, together, change the game.” 

To leverage the efforts of the athletes, other community stakeholders have already applauded the initiative and followed suit. 

Angel City Football Club is matching every dollar pledged by the 11 players and coach and Rough & Tumble, Seattle’s pub for women's sports, is investing 1% of all revenues over the 2023 Women’s World Cup year to Football For Her. Together, they are providing a sustainable income stream for the organisation and are growing the women’s game in Los Angeles and worldwide. 

“This is what the essence and spirit of the Common Goal movement is about: acting together to drive the game forward,” said Executive Director of Common Goal USA, Lilli Barrett-O'Keefe. 

“We are excited to see other athletes and teams taking similar actions as we approach an important moment milestone for football. This is a true opportunity to use the inclusive spirit of the women’s game to inspire society to embrace equity.” 

Each player is working on engaging their relevant networks to help ensure that everyone taking part in the Women’s World Cup 2023 is committed to supporting and growing women’s football.

“This is a big year for women’s football. We have a unique opportunity to create a lasting legacy that extends far beyond the field or any national team," said Naomi Girma.

"We're calling everyone to join us and Common Goal in creating intersectional, ground-breaking solutions to challenges our communities are facing - from female empowerment, racial justice, climate action, and mental health to refugee integration and LGBTQ+ inclusion. It’s our time to use our voices and take action together.”