Festival 23

Inspiring everyone to embrace equity, driven by the inclusive spirit of women's football

During the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, Festival 23 will showcase football for good’s contribution to a more equal world and inspire everyone in the game to play their part. Driven by the power and inclusive spirit of women’s football, we have the opportunity to create awareness and tackle critical issues facing the world. To address them, Festival 23 will deliver eight days of workshops, football for good community activities, and public events. The Festival is hosted by Football United in Sydney, Australia, the host city of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final.

Over the course of 8 days, 70 women leaders aged 18-30 from Australia, New Zealand and 40 countries around the world will take part on a number of activities including capacity building workshops, cross-cultural activities, and implementation of a football for good tournament that will engage 2,500 participants during the festival Festival 23 will create a multiplier effect of positive social change across international and local communities in Australia. A legacy worth building, with a potential impact on tens of thousands of young people over the years to come.

Festival 23 Key Impact Areas: 

Young Leader Programme 

70 women delegates from 40 countries will be part of a multifaceted youth program designed to amplify the impact of women’s football working as a catalyst to tackle global challenges. The participants will develop critical understanding in four main topics:

In addition, young leaders will have the opportunity to take part in cultural exchange opportunities on and off the pitch, lead sessions in communities and experience the FIFA Women’s Cup.

Football for Good Forum 

Role models bringing systemic change in the organization, on the sidelines, on the pitch and in the community/fan culture The festival week will culminate with the Football for Good Forum, collaborative space designed to communicate and embed the positive impact women’s football can have as a driver towards a more just and equal society. The forum will see the participation of women acting as role models in all levels in football (organisations, sidelines, pitch and community).

Fair Play Tournament 

Local youth will have the opportunity to take part in football for good activities organised by the young leaders including:

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