Soccer Without Borders

Nicaragua, United States of America, Uganda

Removing the barriers to integration

The United States is known as a melting pot of cultures that come from all around the globe. However, for some newcomers, the initial integration process can be a challenge. Many of them face issues of language, accessibility, and emotional or mental health support.

Soccer Without Borders uses football as a vehicle for positive social change by providing underserved young people with a toolkit for overcoming obstacles that hinder growth, inclusion, and personal success.

The organisation’s programmes in the US encourage the social integration of refugees, asylum seekers and children who have recently migrated to the country.

All programmes implemented consist of 5 elements: football (soccer) – both play and instruction, education off the field, civic engagement, cultural exchange and team-building activities. Alongside its work in the US, Soccer Without Borders has projects based in Nicaragua and Uganda, where the focus is to strengthen the position of women within society.

Goals Supported

People Empowered per Year
secondary school graduation rate for female participants, and increased our number of regular girls' participants by 33%

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