This goal needs a team like no other.

With more than three billion fans, football is the largest social phenomenon on the planet. No other sport boasts such wealth. Or such reach. Or such cultural significance. The beautiful game is in a league of its own.

Imagine uniting the world of football behind a shared social vision. Imagine the impact we could create and the lives we could change. Through Common Goal, this is what we are trying to achieve. And we want you to join us.

What we do


We’re uniting the world of footballers behind a shared commitment to give back. The idea is simple. Players pledge a minimum of 1% of their wages to a collective fund. And we allocate this fund to football charities that create the greatest impact worldwide.


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What you can do


Football is a global community of players and fans. By coming together as one, we can transform the beautiful game into a powerful force for good. Show your support by subscribing below and follow our progress as we build the greatest team in history.