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Member Interviews: Jean Sseninde

On growing up in Uganda—

“Back home in Uganda, women’s football hadn’t reached the top level yet, so I didn’t really have the opportunity when I was younger to have top quality coaches, like I maybe would have had I grown up in the UK. In high school during my A-Levels there wasn’t even a girls’ team so, together with a group of the others, I set one up.”

On the importance of building a team —

“On the football field, even the greatest players wouldn’t be the greatest players if they didn’t have great defenders, great midfielders or the best goalkeeper. We are all what we are because of somehow, somewhere the people who were part of us in our lives: I would say it is about being a team.”

“My mum was a politician back home and seeing her and the challenges she was going through really inspired me. They say charity begins at home, so maybe if she was a bad mother, I wouldn’t be who I am now, so it’s one thing I always thank God for. She brought me up to be a good person, a responsible person. The way she is, I look up to her, I want to be that kind of person, to grow up and be an example for others.”

On the issues she is most passionate about —

“Equal pay. I think, for now, it’s the biggest issue, because women don’t see the reason why they should play if they are not earning equally out of it and most of them opt to have second jobs and it’s quite hectic. So I think, for now, it’s the equal pay and then women should have a seat at the table in big decision-making.”

“I’ve seen, the fight for the women’s game, the fight for women’s equality, the fight for togetherness — that has created a passion in me to be a part of that. I wanted to be a part of a society that works towards inspiring other people and showing that everything is possible, it’s just about acting on what we say.”

On why she joined Common Goal —

“When I saw Common Goal for the first time on Instagram it triggered off something, because the description in the bio already showed me that this is a movement that I want to be a part of. This time, I didn’t have to do things alone, I could be part of a group of people and then — together — we could make a difference to so many others. And this time I wasn’t changing people’s lives in just Uganda, but the whole world.”

“For me, with Common Goal there was no second guessing, it was like the puzzle had clicked into place when I heard about Common Goal.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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