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WFS Live: Highlights

All the best bits from day one of World Football Summit’s live event in partnership with Common Goal

Last week, World Football Summit’s second WFS Live event brought together several of the game’s stakeholders to discuss football’s commitment to drive social change. 

Co-created by Common Goal under the title ‘Building Football’s Roadmap for the Future’, the event provided a platform for people from within the football industry, the non-for-profit and private sectors and the global football community to discuss how football can maximise its contribution to both people and planet.

The inaugural day was specifically dedicated to promoting discussions around how to embed purpose at the heart of football and invite participants to reimagine the football industry over the next 10 years, driven by the ambition of maximising its positive impact as the starting point. 

Below are the highlights from the four panels co-created by Common Goal and the winner of the Football for Good award presented by Common Goal.

Reimagining the football industry: How to embed purpose in the fabric of football

This panel revolved around the idea of moving from the pursuit of profit to the pursuit of social wellbeing and environmental sustainability without causing detriment to the sporting spectacle.

The idea of embedding purpose into the fabric and culture of football through lasting change about the perspective regarding football fans was discussed, which requires creation of a Global Goal-driven framework.

Speakers: Sharon Thorn (Deloitte), Jacques-Henri Eyraud (Olympique Marseille, Assia Grazioli (Juventus Turin), Jürgen Griesbeck (Common Goal)

Gender Equality and Diversity in Sport

The year of 2020 has seen change and adaptation to the biggest of challenges from external forces, but there are some internal challenges which are often ignored. In this special panel, WFS Live welcomed leaders from the sport industry speaking about their experiences in breaking the norms of society to lead their organisations towards a fairer and equal proposition.

Under the broad spectrum of 'Diversity' and 'Acceptance', the panelists focused on eliminating race-based issues in the sport as well as issues of gender and sexual diversity in the field, offices and virtual workplaces.

Speakers: Mary McVeigh Connor (Soccer Without Borders), Lisa Baird (NWSL) Ebru Koksal (Women in Football), Maria Sol Muñoz (FIFA | CONMEBOL Rep)

Football fans and sponsorship in the decade of action: Shifting the perspective from consumers to global citizens

More than ever, future generations are concerned about how purpose-driven and socially responsible the brands they consume are, and they are willing to pay more for brands with a focus on social impact. This panel unpacked how this purposed-economy is affecting football.

Speakers: Robert Zitzmann (Jung von Matt), Enrique Geijo (Banco Santander), Kate Johnson (Google), Charlotte Kirby (Sales Force), Rich Orosco (Los Angeles Football Club), Angela Ruggiero (Sports Innovation Lab)

The Modern Athlete: Player’s Activism and Success Beyond the Pitch

When we hear the word ‘activism’ the images that might come along with it are images of protests and placards, of bold podium speeches at critical moments, and of the courage to take a knee for the first time.

But there is also an enduring kind of activism, one that starts with understanding who you are and what you will consider to be a good and purposeful life when all is said and done.

This panel explored the ‘active’ part of activism and ask; How does finding out who you are as a person makes you more purpose-driven as an athlete? What does ‘activism’ mean in the small, every-day ways as well as in the grand moments? How do you start to ‘act’ when some social and planetary challenges feel so huge? What are the old ideas about football and footballers that you can actively help to change for a brighter future? How can your moment in the sun as a professional player help to bring out the best in humanity? And What does being an ‘activist’ add to your sense of success as a professional?

Speakers: Pippa Grange (Right to Dream), Johan Djourou (FC Nordsjælland), Sofie Junge Pedersen (Juventus FC), Juan Mata (Manchester United).

World Football Summit Industry Awards: Dream A Dream Win Football For Good Award

Football-based community organisation Dream A Dream from India were awarded the 'Football for Good' award for its After Schools Life Skills Programme which has been driving mindset shifts through football as a medium.

On behalf of the organisations work, Dream A Dream's Anirban Chakraborty accepted the award presented by Common Goal Co-Founder Jürgen Griesbeck.