“We believe in collaboration”

Social network for players becomes first Latin American company to pledge 1%

The founders of football social network, LIBRODEPASES, which connects players to clubs from across the world, believe immense potential to drive social change resides within the football industry.

The Argentinian company becomes the first from Latin America to join the movement and has decided to pledge its 1% to advance gender equality in the region through the game.

Cofounded by Juan Cruz Gotta and Nicolas Maccari, both former players, the network was born with a social purpose: allowing players to connect and find new opportunities within the game, in addition to obtaining support at every moment of their careers.

Now with more than 100,000 players signed up to the platform, Gotta and Maccari want to make their mark beyond the world of professional football and help create long-term social impact for young people in underserved communities.

We sat down with them to find out more.

Why did you decide to join Common Goal?

We believe in something greater than our own impact — and in collaboration. Common Goal is a movement that, from the beginning, we understood we could be part of.

The goal is to generate cooperation that can bring value to those who need it most — and to become a multiplying agent to enable others to join.

How does Common Goal align with your vision for football?

We believe Common Goal unifies the purpose of many into a single mission.

Those who want to help and collaborate with others now can. With this type of movement it is easier to channel your purpose.

At LIBRODEPASES we see football as an engine for social development and, like Common Goal, we believe it’s a powerful vehicle for generating positive impact.

By pledging 1% to Common Goal, you are now part of a collective effort that seeks to unleash the full potential of football for social change. What does that mean to you?

We are happy to be part of something that addresses the true meaning of community and collaboration.

We started on this path of making an impact on our own, from the very beginning of our company, but the sum of all parts within this movement is what will really brings positive change.

We will take the commitment with the greatest responsibility so that together we can achieve a better and more connected world.

Where is your 1% going and why?

In our first year we will be supporting a project to advance gender equality in Latin America through football.

What would you say to other players or companies that are thinking of joining Common Goal?

That they have the possibility to be part of a movement that changes the lives of many people; a way to give back what football has given us during our years in the industry.