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“Dear Giorgio…” — A letter of solidarity from one Common Goal player to another

Diego Bardanca wishes Giorgio Chiellini a speedy recovery and praises his idol for the dignity he has brought to football.

Dear Giorgio,

Today is a sad day, not only for me, but for all those who love this sport. One of our best warriors needs to rest for a while, many strikers in the Serie A and the champions league breathe easy for a few months, but it will only be that, a little break to come back stronger than ever.

I will miss you and we will miss you these months, you have been an example for me in recent years both on and off the pitch, thanks for inspiring the youngest to let us know that you can be an elite player and have a good academic background, thanks for collaborating with organizations for the people who need it most, thanks for dignifying the football profession every minute regardless of the result. For defending each duel as if it were the last of your career, for that impressive concentration and spirit of leadership. For that willingness to remain at the highest level after an already unbelievable football career.

Thank you for giving us so much, without wanting anything in return. For that reason, I want to send you all my support right now, as my centre-back idol and also a person to whom I will always be grateful. Maybe this game will not be televised, but I certainly know that you will win it again, there will be hard times, but you know how to defend them better than anyone, you are a real gladiator, from a distance we will follow your fight and even if you do not see us, I hope you feel, you are not alone, you have a whole army proud of its captain. We don’t have the strength to give up. One day less.

My Best Wishes,

Diego Bardanca